Call to Artist

Chris Bubany and Friends Gallery is currently considering local artists of all mediums for permanent membership or participation as a Guest Artist.

If you have questions about joining our creative collaborative in these capacities, please email with your name and phone number with the message title: “Call to Artist.” 


Participation & Membership Guidelines:

All artists considering participation with the Gallery must have their artwork juried by the membership. Juries may occur once a month at full-membership meetings.

Full Membership

A collaborative membership with the Gallery requires completing this application and presenting your work to a member who will bring it to be juried at a General Membership Meeting.

  • Cost: A one-time NON-REFUNDABLE membership fee, $250 per month for rent & expenses. Half space membership fees are half price for membership fee and $125 per month.

  • The Gallery commission is 7% of all sales.

  • As a member, you pay your own sales tax and all credit card charges are assessed a 3% bank fee.

  • As a member, you have access to the classroom at no fee and have the great resources of knowledge, experience, creativity and charisma of a dynamic group of endless talent.

  • Membership requires adherence to the Gallery Operating Agreement, which includes commitment to work in the Gallery for 1-3 days per month, conduct and record sales, attend monthly membership meetings, participate in Gallery events and serve on at least one committee related to Gallery operations.

  • The member, or a proxy, must be able to come to the Gallery within a few days to refresh and replenish displays.


Requirements for consideration​

  • Download a Hardcopy of the Application file 

  • Email a message click the email address to send from this site)

  • 3-5 Original artwork pieces to be shared at Member meeting (2nd Monday of each month), delivered at least one day prior

  • Agreement to the Gallery Operating Agreement, which includes agreement to work the front desk of the Gallery for 2-3 days per month, 7% Commission charge, 3% Credit Card Fee Charge, participate in two annual events, $250 monthly rent, initial deposit perhaps one committee related to Gallery operations

For any questions please contact


Chris Bubany and Friends Gallery is a dynamic collaborative community of talented, generous, creative members. Thank you for your interest and we welcome the chance to meet you and enjoy your art.