Pop-Up Artists

R. Bear Lippman

Friday & Saturday, December 13 & 14 

R. Bear 


Brownbear Studio


My new works, Kohiki, incorporates organic forms I have been working on for some time. They are both functional and non functional cone 10 forms using slips cracked in patterns. They use both thrown and handbuilt elements to create a signature look..

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 8.37.36 AM.png

Liz Vaughn

Friday & Saturday, December 6 & 7 



Contemporary Abstracts

As an artist, we view things just a bit differently, and for me, definitely, a bit eschewed! Inspiration comes from many different sources. A line from a poem or a lyric are often at the forefront of creation.  I have long been drawn to the female form, at times abstracting it, and at times, curating it like a precious vessel. Currently, I am working on a series visually related to fashion images, grounded with text that is both personal, and pertinent in today’s social climate. Navigating the social landscape is never easy, but sometimes it ignites a personal fire that revolutionizes your work. Ultimately, what we paint serves as a very personal narrative.

Barbara Conaway

Consignment Artist



fell in love with oils when she took a class from a friend in the mid 90's because of the challenge and the desire it took to get 'it' right. After painting strictly from life for a few years, it seemed like a natural progression to combine her love of animals with her passion for painting. Barbara loves using rich, bold color, striving to get a realistic gesture to the animals in her work. She frequently paints small works (plein air, figurative, and still life) to keep her approach fresh since most her animal work is from photos.

iris - Barbara Conaway.jpg
A Day at the Zoo - Barbara Conaway.jpg
Dilly-Dally - Barbara Conaway.jpg

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