Peggy Steffens

Peggy is a retired educator who has found her passion in expressing herself through art and meditation. She taught middle school math and instructional technology and was fortunate to be selected 1988 Arizona Teacher of the Year. She received her Undergraduate and Master Degrees from the University of Arizona and her Doctoral degree from Northern Arizona University in Educational Leadership. She used that knowledge in her role as Technology Coordinator for Amphitheater School District.

Painting brought out a side of her that had been overshadowed by her dominant left side technical world. Peggy decided to turn her raw energy into art and thus opened the window to her soul. Her painting has been enhanced through her readings, studies, and workshops.  She believes in lifelong learning and always learns and grows from trying new things from a variety of different artists; that is why her art will always take on different forms.


Peggy is primarily a watermedia artist. She works with numerous media including watercolor, acrylic, encaustic waxes, inks, and collage. She loves the unpredictable nature of watermedia that allows freedom for her creative expression. Vibrant colors accentuate her artwork and she focuses on picturesque subjects for her content.  Her general approach is representational with a semi-abstract treatment of form and color.

In recent years, she has found a love for abstract painting and is absorbed in expressing herself from that space of silence. Peggy is an eclectic artist who has a zest and passion for life and her art integrates this energy and simplicity.

Currently, she is a signature member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild and the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona. Her artwork has won numerous awards.  One of Peggy’s abstract paintings was selected for the book AcrylicWorks 5: Bold Values. Her work can be found in private collections around the United States.


Peggy currently resides in Tucson, Arizona with her husband. She teaches classes in meditation and iphonography. Her hobbies include spending time in nature, hiking, camping, skiing, golfing, photography and making each day precious!

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