Roni Woolston

Roni Woolston was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her mother owned a very successful women's clothing store in Marin County so it was only natural that she would be inclined to follow in her family's footsteps.

After graduating from the University of Arizona, Roni returned home where she opened her first store in the Napa Valley.  When her mother retired she took over the management of her mother's store and finally opened a store on the Square in Sonoma.  During the thirty years of her career Roni learned a deep understanding of the fashion world.  Through her years as a buyer, she developed a keen sense of what works in style and found that jewelry and accessories were what took a woman's look from good to fantastic.

After retiring, Roni and her husband Chuck decided to move to Tucson.  By chance she attended the Gem Show with a friend.  This rekindled her interest in fashion but in a new role of creating a product rather than buying and merchandising it.  Within a couple of years she was creating her own designs and had developed cleintele around the United States and Canada.